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Antique Original Deer Family Oil Painting


Product Description

This antique original deer family oil painting is a real rustic treasure. Painted on canvas nailed to a wood stretcher frame, the primitive painting features a majestic stag surrounded by his family of four female and young deer. The stag sports massive antlers and is looking straight at the artist with concerned eyes. To us he looks anxious about protecting his family. The painting is very old and discolored, which we think only adds to its charm. The deer stand on a green foreground on the right side. There is a blue area on the left that could be water or a mountain on the horizon. The vast grey beige sky has absorbed quite a bit of dirt and has darkened considerably. The painting measures 24 inches wide by 16 inches high. There is a one-inch area of paint loss in the lower left corner where the canvas is visible. (Please see photo #5.) The canvas area underneath is naturally colored and matches the painting, so does not detract from the image. This charming painting is probably “cottage art” created by an amateur painter at a cabin getaway. No signature is visible. Absolutely perfect primitive art for a rustic home.

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