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Antique Sap Buckets


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Product Description

Fabulous rusty patina on these three antique sap buckets with original yellow paint. Purchased in Quebec and dating to the early 1900s, the buckets are as simple and primitive as can be. Hand-welded, they have one seam down the side with a separate round piece attached for the bottom. One hole is punched near the top rim of each bucket to hang on the maple tree to collect sap. The buckets do not hold liquid any more (small holes in the bottom), but have an absolutely incredible rustic vintage look. Each measures 8.5 inches high with an upper opening diameter of 9 inches and a bottom diameter of 7 inches. Very rusty inside and out, these buckets should not be placed on wood furniture or floors for fear of staining. Great for porch or patio though, and perfect containers for potted plants.

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