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Vintage Deer Head Mount


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Product Description

It’s hard to describe how stately and beautiful this vintage deer head mount really is. What do I love about it? First its softly calm and innocent face. It looks right at you, yet is so serene and natural. Second, its long and graceful neck and slightly cocked head which looks alert and inquisitive. Third, its small and beautifully curved eight-point antlers, that almost look like a halo over its head. I don’t want to wax too poetic here, and I know that many people are adamantly opposed to hunting trophies no matter what, but if you have ever considered a deer head as natural decor for your rustic home, this may be the one. Its beauty and innocence almost belie the irrefutable fact of how it got there.

Probably mounted in the 1940s or so, the deer head has a plain wood back that is not visible from the front, with a hole in the center for hanging. Beautiful deep tan fur with white under chin and on throat. The mounting is quite long and narrow, and is a perfect size and shape for a fireplace chimney. The entire piece measures about 34 inches from the top of the antlers to the base of the neck, and the 8-point antler spread is about 17 inches. The mounting projects about 16 inches from the wall, and the dark wood mounting base measures 13 inches high by 10 inches wide (see last photo).

Though we don’t condone hunting and prefer to spot wildlife with a camera in its natural habitat, we do recognize and appreciate the beauty of vintage animal trophies who died many years ago and are such an iconic part of the cabin aesthetic. There is nothing more majestic than the raw beauty of nature.

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