Rustic Spring Flowers

e6a4d56491a5d5410bc2f5ec16f7a7d5Well, there’s not much sign of spring flowers yet here in the east, so I guess we’re on our own to lift our spirits by creating a spring floral display or two.  Just love this idea that I found on tumblr.  Shouldn’t be too tough to scout up an old crate, and add tulips, hyacinths and pussy willows!  Nothing says spring more than these, and the hyacinths have such a lovely fragrance.  I’m thinking we could buy small pots planted with hyacinth bulbs (I often see these at the grocery store in the spring) and then tuck in small glass vials with water for the tulips.  The pussy willows don’t need water, so they can be stuck in anywhere.  Maybe a touch of moss to fill-in the bare spots and you’re good to go!  One thing to remember though, tulips are the only flower whose stems keep growing after they are cut, so don’t put the arrangement together until you are ready to display it, or they will get leggy.  The nice thing with this arrangement is that you can change the tulips once or twice while the hyacinths are still blooming.  Definitely doing this for Easter!