Iris Apfel

iris7I just watched the best 3 minute video about decorating I’ve ever seen, on One King’s Lane.  You can watch it here:

Ms. Apfel is a 92-year-old doyenne of decorating and fashion, and is currently offering 800 items from her collection of furniture, accessories and jewelry for sale on One King’s Lane.

Here are some of Ms. Apfell’s words of wisdom that I wrote in my notebook:

“I think in a former life I was a hunter/gatherer. I love digging and I love finding.”

“I like to put things together that are unexpected, then there’s some part of me in it.”

“I like a home to reflect me, and I think people should do that, but so many people don’t. I guess they don’t know who they are, and they’re afraid of making a mistake or having people say, tch, tch, tch. I think it’s much more fun to be you.”

“To have style you have to know who you are.”

“My home makes me happy because when I come there it’s like being greeted silently by a lot of old friends.”

I’m resolving to make my Adirondack-style home reflect me and contain the things I love, and I hope you will too.