Great Finds!

estate auctionWe went to our first estate auction yesterday.  Lots of rustic vintage and antique items. We came away with 15 treasures – our biggest haul ever!

Most of the folks there seemed to be interested in farm equipment, which left the “smalls” and household goods to us.  The prize is the prettiest hand-stitched wedding ring quilt top in a very delicate cream colored voile with adorable pink, blue, red and green cotton pieces in tiny prints. It’s in great shape, a small discoloration or two and a couple of tiny tears, but really a gorgeous find.

The item I am most intrigued with is the collection of the turn-of-the-century games.  The boxes are mostly red with fantastic illustrations. From The Jolly Game of Old Maid to Snakes & Ladders and Tiddley Winks, they will make the coolest display in a toy or games room.

We also got other awesome stuff like a hanging display of old fishing lures, a couple of huge old stoneware jugs, a real English dartboard, a collapsible wire egg basket, a brass moose and an adorable hand-made corner shelf.

Everything will be available on our website soon!