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Antique Dough Bowl


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Product Description

How lucky we were to find this gorgeous antique dough bowl in Quebec. The dealer we bought it from had just obtained it from a local century farm a few days before. These beautiful and functional primitive hand carved bowls are treasured and very hard to come by. A farm staple from the first settlers through the 1800s, dough bowls symbolize the two most important facets of early farm life, family and nourishing food. Dough bowls were so significant to farm families that husbands commonly carved them by hand as wedding presents for their new brides. Later, they would be passed down from mother to daughter as precious heirlooms. This bowl was inherited through several generations on a Quebec farm and is guaranteed to be at least 100 years old. Hand carved from a single piece of pine, the dough bowl or trencher measures 24.5 inches long by 11.25 inches wide, and stands about 3.5 inches high. Many very old gashes and chips to the wood surface and sides attest to its long utilitarian life. Dough bowls were used to mix, throw and knead bread made daily on the farm. They were the perfect spot to let dough rise as the high sides of the bowl protected it from drafts and the wood retained the heat from the yeast, thus keeping the dough nice and warm. Amazingly, there are no cracks in this long rectangular bowl, though there are some dark splotches on the inside in one corner. The ultimate authentic rustic dining table decor for your farmhouse, cabin or log home!

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