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Antique Glass Dome


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This heavy antique glass dome (or cloche) is very old, and you can see wavy lines in the glass near the crown of the curve. Purchased in Ontario, the antique dealer told us it was from a local lighthouse, though we don’t know what purpose it served. The thick glass dome stands approximately 6 inches high and the ridged base is 8 inches in diameter. There are small remnants of white paint where the dome was apparently attached to a painted surface. Also interesting is the number “74” painted on the side of the glass in green enamel paint. There are no chips or cracks in the glass, though there are tiny bits of stubborn dirt or pitting to the outside.

We set the cloche on a mid-century wood tray to display a festive little vignette, using a tiny pumpkin in a bird’s nest from our yard for Halloween. The glass dome fits perfectly on the slightly raised center of the tray, and the outside concave border can be used to add to the arrangement with fall leaves, acorns and berries. Total diameter of the wood tray is 14 inches.

Cloches are a big decorating trend right now, and this one is a real antique. With the addition of the wood tray you can create your own beautiful rustic display in a snap!

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