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Antique Maple Sugar Molds


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Product Description

We are absolutely in love with this pair of antique maple sugar molds featuring hand carved squirrel and heart designs. Quintessential farm house kitchen decor, the rare primitive wood molds measure 14.25 inches high by 6.75 inches wide and almost 2 inches thick. Probably made in the 1800s, the molds have beautiful aged patina on the dark wood surface. One of the molds has a hole through the top for hanging, the other has a matching hole started, but it doesn’t go all the way through. (The first group of photos are of one one mold, the second group of the other. The designs are the same, but there are slight differences due to hand carving.)

Maple sugar was introduced to the early pioneers by Native Americans who had been producing maple sugar for generations. Today, the vast majority of maple sap is consumed as maple syrup. But in the early settler days, cake sugar was most popular since it was easy to store, carry and trade. The early settlers used an axe to cut a v-shape in the tree and used their buckets to capture the running sap. Once the sap was collected, it would be boiled in iron kettles hanging over fires to evaporate the water. When the syrup was thick enough, it would be stirred until it crystallized and then poured into wooden molds. The maple sugar could then be used later in the year.

We’ve never seen a pair of matching maple sugar molds before, and these two are a real treasure. Absolutely wonderful rustic primitive kitchen decor!

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