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Antique Native Made Snowshoes


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Very rare pair of antique native made snowshoes made by Canadian First Nations people around the 1930s. The gorgeous medium-color snowshoes are made from bent ash wood and slightly turned up at the toes. Constructed using stretched animal rawhide woven into intricate patterns. Incredibly, there are no broken areas in the webbing. Lace-up leather bindings are completely intact, with a leather back strap and buckle.  The most prized and sought-after antique snowshoes are these with colored pom poms around the edges. It is thought that the use of decorative pom poms by aboriginal tribes originated for spiritual hunting purposes. Some First Nations hunters believed they needed to please the animal spirits to have a successful hunt. To do this they would decorate their snowshoes with pom poms, with different colors referring to different tribes or regions. The pom poms on this pair are green and red and are in great shape. Found in Quebec, the snowshoes could have been made by First Nations people of the Cree tribe. The snow shoes measure 40.5 inches long by 11.25 inches wide at the widest point, and are about one inch thick. The snowshoes are fastened together in the back with what appear to be brass brads. Absolutely the epitome of authentic cabin decor!  Please note: Due to weight or size this item will incur additional shipping costs. Arrangements to be made upon purchase.

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