Antique Ruffed Grouse Chromolithograph in Original Frame


[pinterest count=”horizontal”] This antique Ruffed Grouse chromolithograph in original frame is a gorgeous piece of wildlife art. It is the perfect high impact art piece for a cabin, lodge or rustic home. Probably created in the late 1800s, the chromolithograph depicts a fan-tailed male Ruffed Grouse standing on a tree stump in a lush green forest setting with his mate looking on from the lower right corner.

The name “Ruffed” Grouse was derived from the long, shiny, black or chocolate colored neck feathers that are most prominent on the male. When the grouse is in full display in defense of his territory, or showing off to an interested hen, these feathers are extended into a spectacular ruff which, together with a fully fanned tail, makes him look twice his normal size.

Just as spectacular as the artwork itself is the original hand-carved wood Black Forest style frame. The frame’s irregular notched design is almost 2 inches wide and is trimmed with a gold liner. There is glass in the frame. The outside measurement of the frame is 18 inches wide and 22 inches high. Inside measurement is 13 inches wide by 17 inches high.

We do not see a signature on the chromolithograph, though it could be hidden behind the frame. The style is similar to the work of Alexander Pope Jr., one of America’s popular gaming artists at the turn of the last century. Chromolithography is the process of printing color pictures from a series of stone plates each using a different ink color. The process was developed after the Civil War and was used extensively until the 1920s.

The frame and image are both in excellent condition.  This is an absolute show stopper and would be the perfect fine art for your rustic home.

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