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Antique Stag Inkwell


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Product Description

Isn’t this a beautiful thing? We think this antique stag inkwell was made by Bradley & Hubbard in the late 1880s. The back of the inkwell platform features a majestic stag leaping over a fence being pursued by two hounds. The back is attached to the platform with two screws, as are the pen rest hooks on the front. The rectangular double inkwell platform is supported by four scroll feet. The edges of the platform have an egg and dart motif and two cartouches (front and back). Two beautiful pressed glass hobnail style inkwells fit into two holes cut into the surface of the base. One of the inkwell lids is missing, but the one that remains appears to be copper plated brass and has a beautiful swirl shape carved into it. The underside of the lid is rusty and corroded, which seems to indicate significant age. Surfaces of the base seem to be brass plated metal with considerable patina and wear, though the underside of the base may have been repainted. A raised number on the underside reads 7030. We have seen other inkwells in this same configuration that also have a B & H stamped on the bottom, which stands for Bradely & Hubbard Manufacturing Company. We have read that due to its collectible value, this particular inkstand has been reproduced, and we can’t guarantee that this is not a reproduction, though we can’t quite imagine where the hobnail glass inkwells would have come from if it is. We purchased the inkstand at an estate sale and no information was available as to its provenance. The inkstand measures 9 inches across by 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. It is a gorgeous rustic desk accessory regardless of its age. We have adjusted the price due to our inability authenticate its antiquity.

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