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Double-Sided Antique Game Board


Product Description

Oh my goodness! This is the most awesome antique game board we have ever had an opportunity to bring to you! (And it’s one of the reasons we will continue to go on buying trips to Quebec year after year!) Because this, my friends, is a double-sided antique game board, with checkers on one side and parcheesi on the other in original red, cream and black paint. We always learn something new when we talk to antique dealers who have been in the business a long time, and when we were talking (in broken French-English) with the son of 35-year dealer Michel Prince in Sainte-Eulalie, Quebec, he told us the real prize game boards are the ones that are double-sided, and the antique experts in the know always hang them with the parcheesi side facing out. And why wouldn’t they, when they look as stunning as this one!

The interesting 12 by 12 square game board was used in playing Canadian checkers (or Canadian draughts) which dates the board to the 1800s. It is one of the largest draughts games, played on a 12×12 checkered board with 30 game pieces per player. The game was invented by the French settlers of Quebec, and was named Grand jeu de dames. It is unknown when the game was first played in Canada, but boards with 12×12 squares were on sale in London in 1805.

All hand made and guaranteed over 100 years old, this large game board is made of two pieces of wood and the seam is very visible to one side of the center. The original paint surface on the parcheesi side is quite stained and discolored with age, and there is some surface paint loss, but the fabulous hand-drawn game design is bold and beautiful. Also on the parcheesi side, there are a few light fingerprints in white and light pink paint. There is more paint loss on the red and black checkerboard side, with small chips everywhere and one 6-inch scrape near the center. The corners of the board itself on the checkers side also have some damage inside the frame.The large game board measures 30.75 inches high by 19.25 inches wide by 1 inch thick. There is a 1/4-inch wood trim border nailed all the way around, which is somewhat fragile. We are simply in love with this extraordinary graphic piece and know it will make a remarkable focal point in your cabin, farmhouse or rustic home!

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