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Inlaid Double-Sided Antique Game Board


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Product Description

Hold on! This is the most beautiful antique game board we have ever seen! We bought this inlaid double-sided antique game board in Quebec, and it is the absolute epitome of folk art workmanship. On the checkerboard side of the game board there is an exquisitely detailed pattern inlaid into the top and bottom in two shades of light and dark wood. The pattern includes two circles with 6 petal flowers in each circle, and a zigzag patterned rectangle in the center. The entire checkerboard has an inlaid 1/2-inch chevron pattern all the way around each section. The 12-square by 12-square checkerboard in the center is also inlaid with alternating squares of light and dark wood. Imagine the time and patience required for such an incredible piece of craftsmanship! The Parcheesi game on the reverse side of the game board is simpler, but is also inlaid with rectangular pieces of wood forming the four lanes of the game, with a star inside a circle in the center square. There are also small diamond-shaped inlaid checkerboard sections in each of the four quadrants.

The interesting 12 by 12 square game board was used in playing Canadian checkers (or Canadian draughts) which dates the board to the 1800s. It is one of the largest draughts games, played on a 12×12 checkered board with 30 game pieces per player. The game was invented by the French settlers of Quebec, and was named Grand jeu de dames. It is unknown when the game was first played in Canada, but boards with 12×12 squares were on sale in London in 1805.

This game board is guaranteed to be over 100 years old, and has seen its share of life, resulting in small dings and scratches to the surface on both sides. The only real condition issue is that the trim piece between the checkerboard and the bottom game piece section is missing. The other trim pieces all the way around the game board are in good shape. The game board is quite large and very heavy. It measures almost 29 inches long by 17.5 inches wide. There is an old iron eye-hook at the center top for hanging. Literally a museum-quality piece and the ultimate in folk art genius and mastery.

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