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Moose Antler Eagle Carving


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Product Description

Need a statement piece for your rustic home? This shed moose antler eagle carving captures the raw beauty and wild grace of this most respected bird. The moose antler has a natural shape to mimic the flight of a soaring eagle and the piece stands on a heavy black iron base for stability. Probably carved by a First Nations artist, we think the “MAYO” lettering on the back may be a reference to a village in the Yukon, possibly where the artist is from, but don’t know for sure. The piece also has symbols engraved on the base, which may be the artist’s signature. We also don’t know the age of the piece, but guess it may have been carved in the 1960s or 70s. Fierce and determined, the bald eagle head is carved in the base of the antler, and is painted with white feathers outlined in black, a yellow eye and an orange beak with protruding tongue. The artist’s creativity and technical skill is evident in the highly detailed carving. Measures 27 inches wide at the widest point, stands 27 inches high and weighs over 17 pounds! The tips of two of the antler points were either chewed or broken in battle, but don’t detract from its beauty. This one-of-a-kind piece would be a beautiful addition to a rustic mantle. Due to weight or size this item will incur additional shipping costs. Arrangements to be made upon purchase.

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