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Primitive Handmade Farm Cage


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Product Description

What an interesting object this is! Though we are calling it a primitive handmade farm cage, we’re not sure what this farm implement was used for, but it definitely has a fabulous primitive look. We think it might have been a pen to corral newly hatched baby chicks, but it could have been some kind of fly screen, possibly for a milk pail. In any case, it will definitely be a conversation starter! Two old pieces of wood were cut and joined together to form a circle, and two round holes were cut in the top to see in. All was fitted with heavy wire mesh to form a sort of cage, and a galvanized metal strip was added to join the two ends of the mesh together. A primitive handle was added to the top and voila, some sort of ingenious farm tool was made! The round cage stands 6.5 inches high without handle and 10.5 inches high with handle. Top is 10.5 inches in diameter. Whatever the cage was used for originally, we think it makes for awesomely scary Halloween decor. It looks spectacularly sinister with a half a dozen votive candles inside! Please note: be sure to use LED votive candles with this decor item as the heat from real candles close to the wood top will definitely pose a fire hazard.

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