Vintage Indian Wool Camp Blanket


We don’t know the exact age of this gorgeous vintage Ayers wool blanket, but we can tell you it is in immaculate condition. It has spent most of its life in storage and everything about it is in unused condition, including the nap of the wool and the unfrayed edges. This stunning blanket measures 88 inches long by 72 inches wide, and fits a double or queen-size bed. The pattern of this blanket is absolutely beautiful and very rare. It is an Indian blanket design, predominantly red and off-white, with turquoise and black geometric stripes. The blanket is reversible, which means that the red and white areas are reversed on either side. (First two photos are of predominantly red side, and second two photos are of the lighter white side.) Hand-sewn label is intact and in excellent condition. The word “wool” is hand-written on the label, attesting to its age. Don’t see any moth holes in the blanket, and no spots, stains, odors or pilling. Hand-sewn blanket stitching on both ends in red thread completely intact. The blanket was made in Canada by the Ayers Company of Lachute, Quebec. The factory opened in 1879. This heavy, thick wool blanket will cozy-up the interior of any home, and will keep you and your guests warm on the coldest nights. It is rare to find such an unusual vintage blanket is such beautiful condition. It would be a wonderful addition to any cabin, cottage or lodge, and the perfect Christmas blanket!


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