Gourd with Vintage Hunting Dog Portraits


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[pinterest count=”horizontal”] Well, isn’t this lovely. Someone painted an old, hollow, dried gourd with vintage hunting dog portraits. Wouldn’t be surprised if the dogs belonged to the (unknown) artist, they are so lovingly rendered. The images are drawn in what appears to be black ink, and are slightly incised in some places. There are two different dogs, on one side is some kind of a setter, and on the other is a retriever. The gourd is quite large, measuring about 7.5 inches across. The opening at the top is about 5.5 inches in diameter and is perfect for a small plant. We found this dark purple (almost black) calla lily that makes it ideal for Halloween. The gourd is in great shape with no broken pieces, dents or scratches. Anyone can put pumpkins and gourds on display, but only you can have a hollow gourd with two gorgeous hunting dogs lovingly drawn on each side.

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