Blue Bill American Wigeon Taxidermy


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[pinterest count=”horizontal”] This is the most spectacular taxidermy piece we’ve ever seen! It is a Blue Bill American Wigeon taxidermy drake, a common and increasingly abundant duck according to at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The Wigeon is an extraordinarily beautiful duck, with a grey body and wings, a white belly and forehead and a beautiful light blue bill and grey feet. It is found throughout North America and breeds in the northwest. The taxidermy on this piece is first rate, with the perfectly feathered wings spread and and the feet outstretched as if the bird is coming in for a landing on a lake. The taxidermy Wigeon is attached to a wood wall plaque with a lovely piece of driftwood. It stands out from the wall 22 inches and the wing span is 26 inches. Top to bottom it measures 15 inches. The piece is signed John on the back and dated 2013. If you have ever considered a piece of taxidermy for your rustic home, or if you already have a collection, this would be a magnificent addition.

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