Ceramic Bells


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We’re not sure what these are, but they sure are pretty. This pair of small, perforated, dome-shaped objects have something inside that rattles when you shake them, and produces almost a bell-like ringing. We don’t even know what they are made of. It could be bone, ceramic or wood. The pieces inside sound like they are made of metal. The beehive-shaped domes are sealed, and don’t appear to come apart. There are four diamond-shaped designs perforated into the sides of the domes, and ridges cut into the tops and bottoms. One dome is a natural beige shading to light brown, and the other is light to dark green. They measure 1.5 inches high and the round bases measure 1.25 inches across. If anyone knows what these are, please let us know. We feel like they have an Asian look to them, but could be completely off-base. Regardless, they are really lovely objects and would be great conversation pieces on a shelf or table.


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