Vintage Horse Painting – Original Oil Painting


What an interesting find this is! Framed (and we guess painted) in Mexico, this is a lovely naive horse portrait. The handsome horse head is black with a white blaze and brown eye. It is painted on a beige background. The horse wears a reddish brown bit and bridle. The painting on canvas is signed Dellys 1X – 78, indicating it was painted in 1978. The painting is framed in a gilded wood frame with with a reddish brown velveteen mat. The velveteen is scarred and could be replaced. Inside the velveteen mat is a second dimensional gold frame. The outer frame measures 19 inches wide by 22.5 inches high and 2 inches deep. The interior frame measures 10.75 inches wide by 14.75 inches high. We know the painting was framed in Mexico because there is a foil sticker on the back that reads, Galerias Ramos Marcos y Molouras Pitagoras 831 Narvarte. We think Narvarte refers to a section of Mexico City. The frame and painting are in very good vintage condition, with the exception of the scarring to the velveteen. The canvas also appears to be a bit dirty. It’s a cool, striking picture, and an awesome example of a 1970s retro art.


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