Month: October 2020

The Classics – Chapter 4

Authentic Native Baskets Feature Prominently in Adirondack Decor. That’s because making and selling fancy baskets as tourist souvenirs in the Adirondack resort towns contributed significantly to the Native American economy in the past two centuries. Beautiful and functional, Native American and Canadian First Nations baskets have been an indigenous art form for thousands of years. Woodland …

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The Classics – Chapter 3

Snowshoes’ Importance Rivals the Wheel. Snowshoes are an integral part of Adirondack living. But the history of the snowshoe goes back more than 6,000 years. At that time, while Egyptian civilization was still young, people in Central Asia were developing the snowshoe-ski, enabling aboriginal people to migrate north, and eventually to cross the Bering Strait land bridge …

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The Classics – Chapter 2

The Adirondack Pack Basket When someone mentions the Adirondacks … .A lot of people picture an Adirondack chair, which didn’t actually originate in the Adirondacks, or Adirondack pack baskets, which did. Woven pack baskets have existed for centuries. In fact, pack baskets made by Native Americans, which they used for carrying hunting and fishing supplies, have …

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