Find Vintage Father’s Day Gifts for Dad!

Father's Day 2017 3 cropped

One-of-a-kind gift ideas for the Dads in your life.

Does your Dad love fishing or hunting? How about the Adirondacks or snowshoeing? Or maybe your Dad is an antique buff? Check out these awesome vintage Father’s Day gifts for Dad and his hobby, cottage or mancave!

Adirondack Pack Basket

wide splint pack basket cropped

Game Hunting Picture Frame

hunting frame 2 cropped

Vintage Cast Metal Stag

gold stag cropped

Vintage Fishing Lure Display

fishing lure display 5 cropped

Vintage Lobster Buoys

lobster buoys 7 cropped

Fishing Floats

bobbers cropped

Hunting Dog Bookend

hunting dogs cropped

Vintage Pflueger Fishing Reel

Pflueger reel 5 cropped

Vintage Hand-Carved Canoe Paddle

oak paddle 2 cropped

These and lots more vintage gifts for Dad are available at Check it out!

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